Some of these links and contacts are provided to expand or enhance our history of Vought  and others are buisnesses that deal in some type of products pertaining to the history of Vought. If your web site contains information about any Vought products and would like to have a link from this web site to yours cantact us at

Triumph Aerostructures - Vought Aircraft Division
       Develop and manufacture integrated aerostructures for military and
       commercial use worldwide.

Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives
      The story of Igor Sikorsky, a  most valued partner of Vought from 1935 to 1939.

VAQ-34    EA-7L’s
      The story of 8 TA-7C’s modified to EA-7L’s, at Point Mugu, for VAQ-34.

The Gunfighter’s Site
      A site for all Crusader pilots and enthusiasts.

Flight Joutnal
      A most attractive study of the world of rare aircraft, extraordinary people and
      remarkable stories.

 UT Dallas            Type vought in search box
      A  history of Chance Vought/LTV and many company archives.

 Swift Museum Foundation
      The Swift Museum Foundation national website.

 Red River Swift Wing
       The "Red River Swift Wing" is for Swift owners in Texas and adjoining sites.

 V-173 (On You Tube)
       An introduction to the V-173 by Vought retiree Dick Gutherie.

Sources for Model Plans:

Nick Ziroli Plans
(631) 467-4765         

John Pond Old Time Plans
(408) 292-3382

Len Bosman Plans
193 Baltic St.
Coquitlam, BC V3K 5G9

Bob Holman Plans   

Palmer Plans
(818) 348-0879         

Scale Plans & Photo Service
(336) 292-5239

Cleveland Model and Supply Co.
10309 Detroit Av.
Cleveland Ohio