Sol Love

President Vought - 1973
C.E.O. Vought Corp. - 1975

1943 to 1977




Joining Chance Vought Aircraft Division of the United Aircraft Company in 1943, Sol Love rose through the ranks to become President in 1973 and Chief Executive Officer in 1975.  During that period he contributed to every major aircraft program, beginning with the famed F4U- Corsair , and played a key role in Vought’s most successful and longest serving products, the F-8 Crusader and the A-7 Corsair II.

A native of Detroit, Michigan and a graduate of Wayne State University, Sol joined the Engineering Department as a Structures Engineer, soon supervised that organization and went on to become a Project Engineer on the F8U-1 and ultimately became Chief Project Engineer of the Crusader.  In 1958, he was appointed Chief Engineer; in 1961, appointed Assistant Engineering Manager; and in 1962, appointed Director of Engineering.  It was in this position that he personally led the proposal effort that resulted in award of the A-7 contract.

This was Vought’s finest hour and Sol continued with the program, becoming A-7 Program Director in 1965.  A constant string of technical and business successes characterized the A-7 program during Sol’s tenure. His leadership led to industry records which still stand today. From award of contract to first flight took a mere 19 months, about half the time an average program required.  Delivered to the Navy 12 months later and in combat 14 months from that point are astonishing numbers, accomplished by an excellent team, most ably led. Sol was promoted to Vice President in 1970, to President of Vought in 1973 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Vought Corporation in 1975. With retirement in January 1977, Sol completed a brilliant career of 33 years. He is still a sought after industry consultant and continues to hold the admiration of the veterans of “The Winning Team.”

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