Forbes (Ted)  Mann

President - LTV Aerospace Corp.

1941 to 1980




From the Sunny shores of Florida, Forbes Mann, who prefers to be    called Ted, can reflect upon a very successful career with the Vought   Corporation. Rising from Engineering Draftsman in 1940 to President in 1973, Ted was one of many who spent his entire career with Vought, making major contributions to the high quality of the              organization, it's products and to the 'family' environment  for which Vought was noted.

 Mr. Mann became Senior Vice President of the parent corporation in July 1972 and was responsible for the company's government relations. This followed 2 years as President of LTV Aerospace Corporation (later Vought Corporation) and 1 year as President of a corporation division. The promotion in 1972 marked Ted's return to Washington where he had served as Vice President-Government and Foreign  Relations from 1963 through 1969.

Ted joined Chance Vought as an Engineering Draftsman in December 1941. Working as a Design Engineer he advanced to the position of chief of the company's Preliminary Design Group. In 1951 he was  promoted to Engineering Assistant to the Vought Sales Manager and within 2 years had advanced to head Military Sales. In 1956 he was appointed Program Control Manager and advanced to the Position of  Director of Sales and Service in 1958.

Ted was born in Rochester, New York and 2 years later he moved to  Europe with his family and spent most of his youth in France. In 1934,  he returned to the United States and completed his High School  education a Peekskill Military Academy in Peekskill, New York Upon graduation from High School, he entered Brown University where he studied for 2 years before entering Roosevelt Aviation School to graduate as an Aeronautical Engineer in 1940.

Retiring after 4 decades of outstanding service with Chance Vought and it's various successors, Ted now enjoys a well earned rest  with  plenty of sunshine and golf to keep he and wife Elizabeth content