Lewis & Vought Corp.
Chance Vought Corp.

Long Island City, N. Y.

1919 to 1930




Chance Vought Corporation - 1922

President:   George W Vought

Chief Engineer:  Chance M. Vought

In 1922, the Chance Vought Corporation was incorporated as the successor to the 1917 corporation. Chance’s father, George W. Vought, took the position of President to allow Chance to concentrate his effort on aircraft design and construction as Chief Engineer. Chance also made frequent trips to Washington, D.C. to secure new business for the company. He was also active in many professional organizations.

Chance Vought is shown (left of President Calvin Coolidege who is holding his hat) at a White House reception for the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce, January 11,1928.

The 1990 poster commemorates 62 years of association between Boeing and Vought (William Boeing left, Chance Vought right).

The association continues today between Vought Aircraft Industries Inc. and the Boeing Company.

Chance Vought Corporation became a Division of the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation in 1928. Some of the other divisions of this company were The Boeing Airplane Corporation, Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, and Northrop Aircraft.


Chance Vought Corporation

1926 - 1929