Chance Vought Corp.

East Hartford, Conn.

1930 to 1938




The company was shaken by the death of Chance M. Vought on July 25, 1930 from septicemia (blood poisoning), but was able to continue its growth and complete the move to East Hartford because of the organization and plans he put in place. In August of 1930 Fredrick B. Rentschler was elected president of Chance Vought Corporation, succeeded in 1931 by Eugene E. Wilson.

In May of 1931, Charles M. Liqued, who was previously superintendent for the construction of the company’s new East Hartford plant, was elected Vice President and Works (Manufacturing) Manager. Charles J. McCarthy, Vice President Engineer, was promoted to Vice President & Chief Engineer. In September of that year, Rex B. Beisel became Assistant Chief Engineer at Chance Vought after two years as Vice President and Chief Engineer of the Spartan Aircraft Company, Tulsa , Oklahoma.  James M. Dean was factory manager; Joseph F. McCarthy was Secretary-Treasurer; Paul Backer was Assistant Secretary and Sales Manager; and J.J. Gaffney was Assistant Secretary & Treasurer.

Chance Vought Corporation was located in East Hartford, Connecticut, from 1930 to 1938, occupying three buildings having a total floor area of 190,305 square feet.  The plant was adjacent to the Pratt & Whitney and Hamilton Standard plants.


Other interesting facts for the era are:

In 1931, the Corporation had 331 employees.

In July 1938 there were 696 hourly rated employees and 60 engineering employees. The average hourly rate was $0.70.

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