Model Number :  F7U
Model Name :  Cutlass
Model Type:  Fighter


Variations:   XF7U-1   F7U-1   F7U-3   F7U-3M  








The Cutlass was a “tail-less” Navy fighter that first flew in 1948.  It was very innovative in that the conventional horizontal tail was eliminated to avoid the extreme nose-down forces experienced by conventional airplanes at speeds above Mach 0.75.  The swept wing of the Cutlass had “ailevator” control surfaces on the wing trailing edge outboard of the two vertical fins.  It was designed to operate at Mach 0.95 up to 40,000-foot altitude.  The airplane was designed for aircraft carrier use, but lacked the forward visibility necessary for carrier landings because of the very high nose-up angle required for landing approach speeds.


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