Model Name: Lillie-Vought BiPlane

Max Lillie founded the Lillie Flying School at Cicero Field, Chicago. He  passed a very superior brevettte test to receive the first Expert Aviator certificate from the Aero Club of America.

Max Lillie, who also taught Vought to fly, needed an airplane better than a Wright pusher for exhibition flights  at county fairs. Vought designed a tractor biplane to Lillie's requirement, which featured a 50-hp Gnome engine.  The airplane's main feature was its staggered biplane wing. Its first flight was in 1913. Only one of these airplanes  was built.


50 mph (80.5 kph)


32.00 feet (9.75 meters)


24.25 feet (7.39 meters)


8.33 feet (2.54 meters)