Model Number :  S-1
Model Name :  Saturn
Model Type:  Fuel and Oxidizer Tanks



Vought developed manufacturing, tooling, and welding techniques for production of  the Saturn S-1 fuel and oxidizer tanks that constituted  the first stage of the NASA Saturn Launch Vehicle.

Under NASA contracts, both the 70-inch and 105-inch containers for the liquid oxygen RP-1 propellant were manufactured, hydrostatically tested, cleaned in specially designed towers, and transported to the Saturn assembly site.

These tanks, the largest ever  made for space vehicle use until that time, were of rigid-wall design with welded skin segments, shear-formed bulkhead domes, Z-ring stiffeners, manifolds, longerons, angles, tubing, and anti-slosh baffles.

There was  a 100% success rate for the tanks in every launch of the Saturn S-1.