Model Number :  XO4U-1 and XO4U-2
Model Name :  Corsair
Model Type:  Observation









Only one XO4U-1 was built for the Navy and first flight was in 1931.  It was the first airplane with monocoque fuselage, metal and fabric covered metal wing structure.  It could be either a land-or seaplane.  It crashed during flight test prior to Navy acceptance.  Test pilot Carl Harper was nearly pinned in the cockpit due to centrifugal force as the airplane spun toward the ground.  However, he was able to clear the airplane at the last minute and successfully deploy his parachute.


Only one XO4U-2 was built for the Navy to replace the XO4U-1, and its first flight was in 1932.  The plane had metal wings with fabric covering and a metal monocoque fuselage.  Records show delivery to the Navy but there are no records as to what use the Navy made of this airplane.  It is assumed that it was used to evaluate the metal airframe structure.