F8U-1/YF8U-2 Crusader U. S. Navy Fighter

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 Background - F8U-1 serial number 140448 was the 5th airplane to come off of the production line and was the first production Crusader to be delivered to the US Marine Corps. It was bailed backed to Vought and became the second XF8U-2 prototype. After extensive flight testing it was retired and spent several months amongst a group of retired Cutlass’s and Crusader’s on the east side of the Vought ramp. For a short period it was scheduled for restoration by the Texas Aviation Historical Society but this did not work out. Instead, 448 was transferred to Naval Air Station Dallas and spent many years as a gate guard. From there it went to the Pate Museum near Granbury, Texas. When the museum was scheduled for closure the Crusader was offered to VAHF.

Arrival and Restoration

Current Status