AIRTRANS - Automated Transit System


On June 1, 1998, AIRTRANS was still in operation without modification to the basic design, making it, 25 years after installation, the automatic system with the longest record for providing service without undergoing major modifications. Numerous operational, usage, and maintenance changes have been made by the Transportation Department staff at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, including the addition of guideway and increasing the number of passenger vehicles. The longevity, safety, and reliability of AIRTRANS are a tribute to the Vought designers, the builders, and the D/FW Airport operators and maintenance personnel.  The system operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Following are some of the current operational data reported by the staff at the airport:

  • Guideway length: 15 miles
  • Stations for employees and passengers: 33
  • Personnel vehicles:  68
  • Average vehicle mileage:   over 1,000,000 miles
  • High-mileage vehicles: six at over 1,500,000 miles
  • Total system mileage as of 12/31/97: 74,529,310 miles
  • Current riders per year: 9,000,000


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