AIRTRANS - Automated Transit System

Power Distribution

Electrical power is distributed to the vehicles from 14 substations located throughout the guideway system shown in the Guideway Configuration illustration.  Each substation serves a section of guideway, providing 15 power zones.  However, in the event of a failure of any substation, the adjacent one can assume the load and permit uninterrupted operations. Three-phase a/c power at 480 volts is supplied to the vehicles through three copper-steel rails. The three power rails are recessed inward from the safety ground rail at the bottom and the signal rail at the top.  All five rails are attached to the inside of the parapet wall as shown in the At-grade Guideway illustration.  Rails are on both sides only in switch areas so that power will not be lost while transiting that area. Power rails are recessed to reduce inadvertent contact by someone walking in the guideway.


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Power Distribution
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