AIRTRANS - Automated Transit System


Maintenance takes place in the transportation center.  This center contains the post office, the trash dump, the supply depot, an on-line vehicle wash station, and the maintenance building.  Also in this center there is a departure test track, used to ensure that vehicle safety features are functioning, and a ready track for vehicles awaiting dispatch into service.  For layout, see the Transportation Center illustration.

The maintenance building contains ten stalls for servicing vehicles, the control room for the departure test and offices.  The building is surrounded by a paved area.  Another very important innovative feature of AIRTRANS is that the vehicles have off-guideway capability in that they may be moved over any smooth surface with a standard commercial tug.  These tow tugs can move the vehicles around the maintenance area and can recover a stalled vehicle from the guideway. The departure test track automatically checks the vehicle systems and in particular the safety systems before a vehicle enters the guideway to run unattended throughout the system. A commercial-type guideway sweeper was also provided.  LTV also developed a complete plan and schedule of maintenance. The ability of the vehicles to be moved outside the guideway, while still operating under full automatic control when inside it, resulted in tremendous cost savings and system flexibility which have contributed to a long service life.


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