Gama Goat History

Prototype, XM561 & M561 Vehicles

Information Sources, References and Credits

     Personal papers, files, original layouts and notes of Roger Gamaunt (in possession of author).

     Chuck Bonnette, (the original structures design analyst on Corvair Prototype vehicle).

     Vic Civiletto, (from prototype inception in Grand Prairie, Texas thru program shut down in Michigan,) involved in major design, management and marketing efforts).

     Russell E. Blackburn, Jr., the Web Master. Provided additional encouragement to produce this document.

     Allen Marcontell Provided patent source Information on Gamaunt’s various design activities.

   William Janowski (author) (design engineer, test driver and Field Engineering Supervisor in Gama Goat program thru 1966).

     Where possible, verbal discussions were held with the aforementioned individuals to review the initial write-ups and fill in historical areas that the author was not familiar with.

     A special note of thanks is due Roger’s wife, Jan, for providing the author with stewardship of all remaining Gama Goat and other historical files and drawings previously stored at the Gamaunt, Fawnskin, California residence.

     It was only thru the initial encouragement and goading on the part of Dick Atkins of the Vought Aircraft Retirees Club and their website that the author undertook the initial preparation of the history of the “Goat”.

     Reference # 1    Vought Aeronautics, Gama Goat Marketing Plan Report dated May,                                     1961.

     Reference # 2    “ Engineer Design Test Plan,Truck,Cargo:1 ¼                                                                          Ton,6x6,XM561,Wheeled Vehicle Branch, Automotive Division,                                          Development and Proof Services, Aberdeen Proving                                                              Ground,Maryland,15 July 1963”.

     Reference # 3    “Report On Preliminary Evaluation of XM561, Truck, Cargo, 1¼ Ton,                                    Pilot Model No. 1”, LTV Michigan Division, July, 1965.

     Reference # 4    Staff Study, Compromise Width Tire Kit, Office of the Project                                              Manager, XM561, 17 January 1966.

     Reference # 5    Phone conversation between Vic Civiletto and Bill Janowski, March 18,                                1968.

     For additional history, references and general current information on M561 and private vehicle owners, collectors and restorers go to and

     For those interested in reviewing the text of the various patents along with engineering diagrams go to

     Any errors, omissions or opinions are strictly that of the author and for which I take full responsibility. Suggested corrections or comments should be directed to the author.

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     Copyright 2007, 2008    This manuscript may not be reproduced in any manner in whole or in part without written prior approval by the author.

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Information Sources, References and Credits