Regulus I - *General Characteristics for Interim Guided Missile


   Range:        500 nautical miles maximum.

   Speed:        High subsonic, Mach Number 0.85-0.95.

   Warhead:    At least 3,000 lbs.

   Accuracy:   0.5% of range from nearest terminal guidance station point of impact.

   Targets:        Fixed.

   Guidance:   Basic guidance to be inertial, programmable; provision for super-imposed
                     electromagnetic wave command correction in course. A minimum of one
                     aircraft or submarine will exercise command.

   Altitude:       Up to 40,000 feet; variable and controllable.

   Configuration:    Length - 30 feet maximum.
                           Body Diameter - about four feet.
                           It is desired to carry two missiles in a ready hangar that will replace the
                           conning tower of the submarine.

   Wings - wings of about 60-square-foot area each; 10 feet in length and 6- foot chord;
               detachable or fold back. Wings to be rigged out by two men in 40 seconds.
               Weight, Stowage and Handling - Weight of 10,000 to 12,000 lbs. in
               accordance with preliminary estimates acceptable. Missile to be stowed and
               handled in cradle; may be removed from cradle when passing through reloading
               hatch between missile compartment and ready hangar.

   Fuel:     Gasoline or kerosene; fuel to be carried in a tank external to submarine pressure

   Launching:  Missile to be launched from short launcher on deck of  submarine.To be
                     loaded directly on launcher from ready hangar. It is desirable that arrangement
                     for loading and firing be such that the missile can be fired within 60 seconds of
                     opening hangar door. Solid fuel booster desired for launching, to be put in
                     place after missile is in ready hangar.

   Time Scale: Missile to be ready for NAMTC evaluation tests in January 1951.

*From Regulus, The Forgotten Weapon, by David K. Stumpf
(For an excellent complete history of the Regulus program, see
Regulus: The Forgotten Weapon, by David K. Stumpf.)

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