Interesting Statistics

Chance Vought averaged 4.5 flights per recoverable missile, well above the goal of three stated in the first contract.

Navy flight operations averaged 3.5 flights per missile, just slightly above the goal of the first contract.  Navy missile teams launched nearly four times as many missiles as did the Chance Vought teams.

By the end of Chance Vought flight operations, Chance Vought personnel were averaging an 86% recovery rate while Navy personnel averaged 78% recovery over the first seven years of missile deployment. Flight records through 1961 indicate that 75% of the missiles flew three or more flights

The final estimated cost of Regulus I missile production, as well as support equipment, flight-testing, and spare parts, etc., was $158,000,000. Given that 514 missiles were produced, each missile cost an average $307,392.00.

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Interesting Statistics