Stories, Facts, Highlights and Additional Information about the Vought Companies,
 Products and People. 


      Texas Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TEMCO)

            TEMCO 1945 to 1961

      The Companies Big Move

            Chance Vought Moves to Texas  (16 pages)

     STRAAD -  Structural Assessment and Repair of Damaged Aircraft


      STRAAD - Personal Stories     

            Ed Grube

            Jim Smith

            Charles Foreman

            Charles Etheridge

            Joe Williams

            Bob Allen

      The Transition Years

            Vought Aircraft’s Transition from prime Contractor to Premier Subcontractor

      Vought Retiree Clubs and Organizations

            Survivors Club

                  Chance Vought Survivor Club - History

                   Chance Vought Survivors Club

            Swift Museum Foundation

                   Red River Swift Wing


Vought Products

      VE-7 Bluebird

            The Aircraft that Got a Company Off the Ground


            Additional Models

            As a History Maker

      OS2U Kingfisher

            Engineering Triumph and War Hero

            Fisher of Men

            One Saves Ten Men

            Tortoise nips the Hare

      SB2U Vindicator

            Atlantic Operations

            Combat at Midway

            Phase Out

      F4U Corsair

            Operation Summary WWII

            Lt. Col. Ferrill  A. Purdy - “A Trip to Remenber”

            WWII Record

            WWII  Corsair Aces

            Fighting 17 (VF-17)


            Lindbergh, Clark and a 4000lb Bomb Load

            Operation Summary Post WWII

      V-173 Flying Pancake

            Advanced Design Concept

            The Aircraft

      XF5U-1 Flying Pancake

            Design and Structural Features

      F6U Pirate


            Flight Test

            Flight Test Incident - Paul Thayer’s Dead Stick Landing

            Production Flight Test Incident


      F7U Cutlass


            F7U-3 Engine Story

            F7U-3 Production

            The Last of the Corsair and the Cutlass

      Regulus I

            General Characteristics for an Interim Guided Missile

            Able, Backer, Charlie and FTV-1


            Operation Splash and FTV-3

            Regulus I Subsystems

                  Airframe, Engine and Fuel Systems

                  Autopilot, Radio Control, Guidance and Instrumentation

                  Landing Gear and Hydraulic Systems

                  Nose Boom, Wing and Fin Fold


                  Launch Slippers, Parabrake, Smoke System and JATO

                  Interesting Statistics

            Regulus I and II

      F8U Crusader

            XF8U-1 Innovative Systems

            XF8U-1 In the Cockpit

            A New Aircraft and a New Corporation

            F8U-1 and F8U-1E Production Aircraft Changes

            Life Extension

            Loss of XF8U-3 Contract and a New Challenge

            Last Flight - December 1999



            Electronics and Guidance

            Radiation and Reactor

            Flight Profile

            Muscle in Mothballs


            Motors and Structure

            Flight Control

            Sequencing and Flight Events

            Stage Separation

            Distruct System and Radar Beacon Command Destruct

            Electrical Power

            Launch History

            Launch List


            VHR-447 V/STOL Proposal

            Design/Development Programs

            The Military Operational Test Program

            NASA Operations

      A-7 Corsair II

            Genesis of the Navy Attack Bomber, Light (VA(L))

            In Combat

            Aircract Performance Perspective

            Low Altitude Night Attack (LANA)

            Farewell Proud Bird


            Program Background

            System Requirements and LTV’s Proposal Solutions


            Switch and Switch Machine

            Power Distribution





            Airtrans 1998


            Cost Effectiveness

            Family of Munitions

            M270A1 Launcher

      Gama Goat

            Chronological History

           Other Wheeled Ground Vehicles Programs

            Roger Gamaunt

            Sources, References and Credits


             Vought Helicopter Heritage


Vought People


     Fredrick O. Detweiler

             “Aviation and Me”

             Excerpt from Interview Transcription of Fredrick O. Detweiler


      Lady Engineers


            Louise Randall

            Shirley Beers

            Tiny Rudick

            Betty Love

           Garnett Carlsen

            Claire Litton

      Raymond R. (Bud) Yinger



      12 Articles by Bill Collins

            Snake Charmer or Scientist?  The Test Pilots Job

            The Catalina and Our Crusader of the Lake

            Three Memorable Travel Stories

            Three A-7 Articles

            Office with the Fishes

            Early Engineering Computing and Personal Calculators Come to Vought