• The East Texas oil field is discovered.
  • On July 21st aVought O2U was flown with the cockpit sealed and hooded on an instrument flight of nearly 1000 miles.
  • On December 30th Dr. Robert H. Goddard fired a liquid-fueled rocket to 2000 feet altitude and a speed of 500 mph in New Mexico.
  • Astronomers identified the planet Pluto.

Jimmy Doolittle flew an O2U Corsair forThe Guggenheim Laboratory to develop cross-country flying instruments and navigation aids.

Other Facts from 1930

President:Herbert Hoover



Average annual income


New car 


Loaf of bread


Gallon of milk


Gallon of gas




Dow Jones Average    237







Songs From 1930

  “Embraceable You”
  “Body and Soul”