• X-15 (No. 1) , piloted by Joseph A. Walker of NASA, achieved a speed of Mach 3.2 and an altitude of 78,000 feet on May 12
  • First launch of a missile from a nuclear powered submarine on March 25 was accomplished with Vought’s Regulus I from USS Halibut off Oahu, Hawaii.
  • On September 21 a USAF/Vought Blue Scout rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral to an altitude of 16,600 miles.

X-15 Number 1  

Songs From 1960

  “Never on Sunday”
  “Let’s Do the Twist”

Other Facts from 1960

President: Dwight Eisenhower



Average annual income


New car


Loaf of bread


Gallon of milk


Gallon of gas




Dow Jones Average  566 to 685