F4U Corsair -  WWII Record

The Corsair record from Guadalcanal to V-J Day showed: 2,140 enemy planes destroyed in air combat, with a loss of 189 corsairs in air combat - a victory ratio of 11.3 to 1.  Total action sorties by Corsairs amounted to 64, 051.

Targets of sorties

Enemy airfields    10,210

Other military targets   32,770

Land transportation   2,818

Harbor areas    2,095

Unknown land targets   2,177

Armored warships    263

Unarmored warships   245

Merchantmen (over 500 tons)  799

Merchantmen (under 500 tons)  3,172

Ships (type unknown)   23

Corsair losses

By combat     189

By enemy anti-aircraft)   349

Operation during action sorties  230

On other flights    692

On ship or on ground   164

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