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The most complex completely automated transit system ever built was designed and installed at the new Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in the period from mid-1971 to mid-1974.  This system, designed to carry passengers, employees, baggage, mail and supplies between the terminals, post office and supply depots, is still in operation today.  The airport, as owner, has made numerous changes in system operation and capability in the intervening years but the basic system is still the same as designed, even after many millions of miles of safe operation.  Several patents were awarded to LTV Aerospace Corp. for system innovations.  The system was licensed to the Niagatti Engineering Co. of  Japan and several derivatives are operating in Japan.  The system described here is that which was designed, built, and  placed in operation at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. This description does not cover the subsequent changes and modifications by the airport as a result of changed or expanded requirements


Program Background
System Requirements and LTV’s Proposal Solutions
Switch and Switch Machine
Power Distribution
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