Several warheads were available for use in the Regulus I tactical missile:

  • MK5 – The MK5 Mod 0 (W-5-0) warhead was placed into production in April 1954.  The W-5 weighed 3,000 lbs. and had a yield between 40-50 KT, depending on the nuclear components selected.
  • XW-8/Regulus – The Mk-8 was a derivative of the earlier “Little Boy” gravity bomb. On February 15, 1951 authorization was given by the AEC to develop the XW-8/Regulus warhead.  Only one flight test was conducted, and the warhead work was suspended in May 1955, when the Navy decided to investigate thermonuclear warheads for Regulus.
  • W-27 – The W-27 was the warhead derivative of the first lightweight thermonuclear bomb, which began development in May 1955. Twenty warheads were produced. The W-27 weighed 2,800 lbs. and had a yield of several megatons.

The decision to use the W-27 warhead necessitated the only major structural change in the Regulus I design.  The nose section of the tactical missile was redesigned with a “bulged chin” to accommodate either the long and narrow W-27 or the spherical W-5. The W-27 was finally retired in July 1965.

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